Thursday, August 11, 2011

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My bb for student work outside our room. I got this great idea from Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade!!! I love all of her ideas. Check out her post about it here
I love it. I made all of these with scrapbook paper while watching Grey's :D You can tell I still need to add their lil legs. lol

And my door (in progress). I did all of this with the hall lights down and no ac. I went up after hours. You'll have to forgive the progress and blurry pictures. ;)

Here's how they started.

I also put up my rewards for earning tickets. Thank you, Judy!!!

I also made my editing marks poster and placed it next to my editing pencil. I'm so excited about all of the new anchor charts I'm finding. I'm having way to much fun on pinterest!!!

I think my birds will be great accents to my black and white border and color a scheme. ;)

I'll be taking off tomorrow. It's my last day of summer and just so happens to be my lil one's bday!

Have a great day!!!

-Priscilla :)

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