Sunday, January 29, 2012

One example....

Here is one example of how I am using the iPads. I've posted this on the iPad blog....

We have been focusing a lot on vocabulary since we Writing is the big focus in fourth grade. With our new words, one of the final projects is to create a showme video where students had to take a picture of something that represented or showed the word. Then, they had to find synonyms for them. I am going to change something though....Next time, when they record, I'm going to have them use the word in a sentence. Here is an example of one. :)

iPad blog link

In all the excitement, I forgot to give u the link!

Check it out!

-Mrs. Cardiel. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

An iPad blog!!!!!

I'm happy to report that after much've decided to start an iPad blog. It's hard for me to find blogs where teachers are integrating iPads into their classroom. I've started to really implement them into my classroom for project purposes these last few weeks. I created a few projects last semester, but we've created more in the last two weeks than we did all last semester.

I had a hard time finding teacher blogs. It was easy enough to find tech blogs and people's recommendations, but it wasn't so easy finding blogs straight from the teacher's classroom.

I hope at least one person is able to walk away with some information and leave me something to learn from as well!

Happy iPadding!

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