Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Press App

I don't know about you, but during the school year, I'm constantly on the run. It's hard for me to keep up with my blogs. Fortunately, I found a wonderful app. It's only $2.99. If you don't have one yet, I would encourage you to get one. I use Blogpress.
I actually find it easier to organize pictures and upload them. This is one time saver for me indefinitely!

Too much to do!

Well I've decided there is too much to do and I need a new system for my post it's! Any suggestions? Lol. I have lists going everywhere!

On my computer (literally)...

On my iPad

And my iPhone...

Did I mention my calendar?

Or my spiral???

I have a million and one ideas (thanks to all of u). I wish I could get into my room to implement them!!!!

-Priscilla :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Carpet Alternative

I was at Ross today, and I stumbled across these great mats. They were $11.99. Not bad. They come in great geometrical patterns. You can use these for a classroom library or any other space in your classroom or home. If I had seen these last year, I would have jumped at the pink and brown ones. This was my theme last year. :) Happy Shopping

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom Library

As a Kindergarten teacher, there was no doubt in my mind how I would organize my classroom library - by theme, right?! I had pictures on baskets and tons of books. I taught Kinder and First for 9 years. Last year, I taught 4th grade for the first time. My only concern for my classroom library was to fill it with books that were above a K-2 reading level!

I'm a huge fan of Beth Newingham and Angela Bunyi. They have fabulous classroom libraries. However, each of them designs their libraries differently than I thought of doing in my own room.

Our school uses the Accelerated Reading Program. Everything about anything has to do with the students' AR goal. I thought of organizing my library by reading range, so that there was no doubt where  a student would start browsing. That was until I read this thread by Angela....
Click on the picture to read her article. 

Now, the question will I organize my classroom library????

If you would like to see the WONDERFUL ideas of Beth Newingham, click here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

First Target Trip and Grading ideas

Okay....not my first Target trip ever...just my first School Shopping Trip to Target for the summer! ;) See what I found:
I have lanyards that I place my hall passes on. I'm a lil bit of a germaphobe when it comes to the restrooms and elementary age kids - EVEN MY FOURTH GRADERS. I had a girls and a boys pass, but then it got complicated if a girl had the pass and was in the restroom and a girl needed the pass to go to the office. I decided to go generic. I'm going to take apart the grade book and hole punch it into a poly binder so that I can keep my grade slips with each nine weeks.

These are my grade slips:
I cut them up and place them with each stack of papers the students turn in. Right away, I will check them off. Each student is assigned a number the first day of school, so I know #1 is Jonathan, #2 is Logan, etc. Then I put a check mark next to their name if they turned in the assignment. I always have a couple of extra copies for study hall in case someone misplaces their copy.

Next, I will put all these grade slips in a ziplock (stapled) for each of the nine weeks.

Gas Buddy

Okay, so if you are like me, everywhere you go, your eyes seem to keep track of gas prices. I'm constantly comparing prices. It seems it's cheaper the further away I am from central. However, with the growing gas prices, I almost want to vomit every time I gas up - especially since I drive a gas guzzler! My favorite app.....and yes, I will be sharing many of these with favorite is You can also access this online. If you click on the icon, it will show you how it works. I just love this! We no longer gas up without it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Multiple Choice Sticks

Tara from 4th Grade Frolics had an amazing idea! Check out these great multiple choice sticks! Now, I use popsicle sticks all the time in my classroom to be sure all students are called upon fairly. However, I also like finding new ways to make sure all students are participating and not just sitting back and being observers. See what she has done!

She assembled these using screws, washers, and nuts. She also had her husband drill some holes. I'm going to attempt that part on my own, but I may have to get him to finish up when he gets home ;)

Thanks for the great idea, Tara!!

A Classroom Theme

Well, each summer, I try to think of a them to incorporate into my classroom. For many years, it all rested on one color - lime green - a frog theme of course. Then, I moved to primary colors, insects of all sorts...there was even an attempt at a Hollywood theme. It quickly turned into a pink and brown polka dot theme - don't ask.

This year, I'm toiling with the thought of attempting my Hollywood theme once again. I teach fourth grade, so I need something that can be a little more mature and not so cutesy. Although, I LOVE CUTESY! ;)

Here's my running list so far:

I'm going to search some sites and keep you updated. For now, I'm just trying to organize my thoughts on learning centers, furniture arrangement, small group lessons.....just to name a few...

It's time.....

It's time, is it not? I think I have a few things to share with my fellow educators, don't you? Whether it is about school, gas prices, or time....I think I have a few suggestions for saving teachers ;)

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