Monday, July 18, 2011

First Target Trip and Grading ideas

Okay....not my first Target trip ever...just my first School Shopping Trip to Target for the summer! ;) See what I found:
I have lanyards that I place my hall passes on. I'm a lil bit of a germaphobe when it comes to the restrooms and elementary age kids - EVEN MY FOURTH GRADERS. I had a girls and a boys pass, but then it got complicated if a girl had the pass and was in the restroom and a girl needed the pass to go to the office. I decided to go generic. I'm going to take apart the grade book and hole punch it into a poly binder so that I can keep my grade slips with each nine weeks.

These are my grade slips:
I cut them up and place them with each stack of papers the students turn in. Right away, I will check them off. Each student is assigned a number the first day of school, so I know #1 is Jonathan, #2 is Logan, etc. Then I put a check mark next to their name if they turned in the assignment. I always have a couple of extra copies for study hall in case someone misplaces their copy.

Next, I will put all these grade slips in a ziplock (stapled) for each of the nine weeks.

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