Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom Library

As a Kindergarten teacher, there was no doubt in my mind how I would organize my classroom library - by theme, right?! I had pictures on baskets and tons of books. I taught Kinder and First for 9 years. Last year, I taught 4th grade for the first time. My only concern for my classroom library was to fill it with books that were above a K-2 reading level!

I'm a huge fan of Beth Newingham and Angela Bunyi. They have fabulous classroom libraries. However, each of them designs their libraries differently than I thought of doing in my own room.

Our school uses the Accelerated Reading Program. Everything about anything has to do with the students' AR goal. I thought of organizing my library by reading range, so that there was no doubt where  a student would start browsing. That was until I read this thread by Angela....
Click on the picture to read her article. 

Now, the question will I organize my classroom library????

If you would like to see the WONDERFUL ideas of Beth Newingham, click here.

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