Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a few minutes, I promise...

I seem to tell myself that a lot this week. I was in trainings this week so during lunch I'd run around the corner to school and get a little done here and a little done there. I did break my promise. I was never really only a few minutes. Lol. Go figure.

I did accomplish my math center storage boxes by objective.

Bad pic but... I also out up my spelling chart. We start week 2.

A lil decor ;)

The beginnings of my cafe menu

Up close

And sine storage along the way

All this while my car got nice and toasty...with a shade and parked in shade, might I add! Bad pic but it was dropping quick. It actually said 108 when I got in the car.

Tonight I'm working on my planning binder complete with standards and ideas from trainings. :)

I cut apart this $1 planner from target and put it in. I'll have more on what's inside soon. I'm also working on splitting this into two binders. The other will be for grades and progress monitoring. This will just have plans, standards, and ideas from summer and TAP trainings.

-Priscilla :)

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