Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As a fourth grade teacher in Texas, Writing is a MAJOR subject area. Not only do we administer a Reading and Math standardized test, we also administer Writing. I love writing, though. I must, right - journals, blogs, lists...they surround my every move!

Yesterday, I went to a great Writing training. We will be implementing some material from Ralph Fletcher. I'm very excited. Last year was my first year in Fourth Grade. This year, I'm ready to get into the nitty gritty of it all. I'll be posting a lot of writing stuff throughout the year, I'm sure.

Last night, I started my binder with all of our standards, my grade book, lesson plans, etc. I need to keep it all in one place. We've also decorated composition notebooks for meetings. They are super cute! I'll have to post pictures soon.

Yesterday, I also organized all of my Math stations according to objectives. I put them in the tall plastic Rubbermaid boxes with the blue lids. I also decided to organize my library by interest, but I also put the levels on the books for the kids. I'll be going into Renaissance Place to add the stickers with the AR levels on them as well. So much to little time!

I hope you are getting a lot accomplished before the start of school! Good luck!

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