Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guided Reading and Math

I thought that this week I would devote my posts to guided reading and guided math groups. Because so much of what I do is individualized to student need, I could share a few ideas.

The first is how I organize myself for the week. I use these tubs which I purchased at Target last year. One side is for math and the other ela. I have the small books in here as well as re folder with their weekly ela packets. They are all different and come with. Weekly menu. I will share those this week.

The other side holds my small group work and independent group work. This is also a great place to hold anecdotal records, supplies, and games (many which I get from for ela games).

I was in the middle of planning and left out my math stuff forgive me.

In order for students and I to keep track of groups, I place their student number (which they are alphabetically assigned on day 1) on a chart.

If I have test corrections or work that I want to review with my kids, I put it in the file so they do not get misplaced. Then I can pull it out in small group.

Tomorrow I will show you my daily 5/ ela ticket and idea for turning in daily work.

Happy Sunday!

-Mrs. Cardiel. :)

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